5 powerful tips for effective communication skills

Poerful Tips For Effective Communication Skills

Firstly,must have heard from different sources about the power of communication in today’s competitive World. In addition how important it is to be empowered with the skill of communication, However, I am trying to give you 5 powerful tips for effective communication skills, let’s dive in….

1) Keep it simple:

Firstly,you want to be recognized as a good communicator or enhance your communication skills, your vocabulary or jargon should be simple.In addition, you must start believing that communication is only about how simply you are able to put across your point. Therefore, how easily can people understand your point. High power vocabulary is not necessary to have high power of communication skills.

2) Functional English:

Effective communication skills is all about how good you are in functional English. For those of you who have not yet know much about functional English, let me explain briefly. Functional English is just about the English language that is required for day to day usage. For example. If you are able to answer simple questions like, how are you?. where have you been? what have you been doing recently, what did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner then your basics are perfect. It’s about  you how well and how quickly you are willing to build the basic communication skills you acquired.

3) Body Language:

There is lot of perception that body language plays a vital role in improving your communication skills. The fact is that if you try to put in a fake body language just for the sake of it, believe me, it looks weird. Just go with the flow, be comfortable with your body movements naturally, don’t try to fake your body language. Keep it natural, keep it simple.

4) Vocabulary:

This is again the most misunderstood part of communication skills.Most of us believe that excellent vocabulary will turn you into an effective communicator. True,but how do you acquire good & basic vocabulary?. Just write down all the words you know from A-Z, I repeat all the words ‘you know’ don’t copy from any dictionary or books.  Count the number of words, if the words written down exceed 1500 words then believe me your vocabulary is decent enough. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open to record new words in your mind to improve your vocabulary from 1500 to 2500 words & so on.But for all the words you may know you should be able to write correct spelling, pronounce and use the words in appropriate sentences.

5) Record your voice:

Just pick up any book/newspaper & start reading out loudly so that your pronunciation will improve. After couple of such session, start recording your voice and listen if your pronunciation and voice are clearly audible, else re-record. This is very powerful way to improve in addition  possess effective communication skills.

In addition, if you have any more TIPS to share on Effective Communication Skills, please do share, we are all ears.



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