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Fear is a goblin that stops human to think rational .By nature human being don’t fear and no one is born with it as well .The biggest reason of fear being, we are not living in our life rather in our mind, which concludes we fear for things that don’t really exist.

The great author Napoleon Hill once said “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” and this makes us the best race in the planet earth.

Here are some of the tricks which we can use to diffuse the fear in ourselves:

Tip 1 Visualize yourself:


Visualize yourself MindAdda

How do you want to visualize yourself? I am sure all of us want to visualize ourselves as an extremely successful people. Believe me ,it  plays a very impact role in diffusing fear. Visualize yourself as a successful person. Visualize yourself as doing things which you were scared to even attempt earlier. For e.g. if you are scared of addressing a crowd, visualize yourself that you are addressing a huge audience. Just visualize. Keep extending the time of visualization, today you have visualized yourself for 10 minutes, tomorrow extend it to 15 minutes and so on…believe me as and when you get an opportunity to address a huge crowd you will just go ahead and rock the show! Just do it.

Tip 2 Affirmations:

Affirmations are positive and uplifting statements that we say to ourselves. These are normally more effective if said out loud so that you can hear yourself say it. We tend to believe whatever we tell ourselves constantly. For example, if you don’t like your physical attributes, look at the mirror and zero in on that one attribute you really like about yourself, it can be physical appearance or even the way your smile or the body language. Practice saying something which you really like about yourself and experience the magic of affirmations.

Tip 3 don’t overestimate others:

If you are scared of something there are many who are scared of the same thing. The biggest mistake we do is overestimate the competition and underestimate our own talent. Believe that you are as good as others, if not more. Don’t be part of the rat race, visualize yourself as a special talent made to achieve special things in life. The fear factor will diffuse by itself.


Tip 4 Kill your inner critic:

What fear does is it blocks your brain from functioning in normal way and makes you criticize every action you undertake. Just kill that inner critic. Because constant self-criticism paralyzTips-to-Conquer-Fear-300x244es action and builds more fear. Just tell yourself, I will do my best, if it succeeds great, if it fails I will learn and do it perfectly next time. As they say failures are only the stepping stones for success. In other words, your fear of failure will kill the chances of you being successful. So, before the fear kills your chances of you being successful, diffuse the fear.

Tip 5 Congratulate yourself:

Don’t miss any opportunity to congratulate/compliment yourself. Don’t analyze the quantum of success, make it a habit to congratulate yourself even for small successes like waking up on time without the alarm buzzing off. Congratulate yourself if you reach your office/college on time. These small things lead to greater victories. However, congratulating/complimenting yourself will make success a habit for you and slowly but surely diffuses fear.


If you have any more TIPS on how to diffuse fear please do share, we are all ears.


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