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7 tips to improve presence of mind and Its Importance

In short, presence of mind is the ability to stay calm and composed and the ability to act quickly and sensibly. It’s a mixture of outer personality and inner peace. Presence of mind helps you in concentration, absorbing information and focus on the task at hand (whatever it may be). It also helps to come out of difficulties and at times it saves time, energy and money.

Tip 1 Observe:

Concentration and focus are key factors for presence of mind. Lack of focus and distracted mind leads to low presence of mind. If you know that you need to be able to replicate the action done by someone, you have to observe them carefully. Every time you cannot deal with the situation in same way.

Tip 2 Prioritize your tasks:

Start prioritizing your tasks if you are not doing so already. If you have something very urgent or important then try to complete it as soon as possible, as otherwise the thought of it will keep nagging you all the time while doing other tasks.

Tip 3 Switch between high and low attention tasks:

Switch to a low attention task for some time while doing the high attention task. For example, if you are working to create project plan for a large project, just switch to another job like housekeeping documents for 5-10 mins. Then switch back to task of creating project plan. It will give your brain rest and you will feel more energetic after it.

Tip 4 Take short breaks:

You can be master at focusing but you cannot continuously work for 8 hours. That definitely affects your power of concentration. You need to take short breaks in between. The best way is to divide your jobs into small chunks of 1-2 hours and take 5 min break between 2 jobs.

Tip 5 Be comfortable:

Make sure that you are comfortable with your surrounding environment. If not then adjust it as per your comfort level or get adjusted to it. if you are not comfortable while doing something, you will later on try to find excuses for not being able to focus on important things.

Tip 6 Keep moving:

Best way to keep your mind still is to keep your body moving. You might have seen people who just keep walking here and there while reading something important or while preparing for exams. It’s just because it helps them focusing in what they are doing.

Tip 7 Emotional Balance:

Everyone has a personal life and hence personal problems. Sometimes these problems take full control of our mind that we cannot think of anything else or cannot concentrate on important jobs. When personal problems start interfering into your professional life, it can be dangerous for you. You need to learn to keep your personal life separate from professional life.



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