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Mind Adda is one of the leading public speaking and memory enhancement training centers.

We offer various courses starting from Public speaking and ways to enhance your memory power under our flagship ‘Super Memory’ training program. We also offer speed reading and storytelling courses

It depends on the course you opt for but on the average the training duration is 2-3 months and during few months we offer crash courses too. So, please call/email us for more details

The benefits are multi-fold, after undergoing our unique training modules you will be a very effective public speaker, full of life and enthusiasm, you will become more confident in attending group discussions and interviews, your memory power boosts to unbelievable levels. Last but not the least you will start influencing and impressing people with your newly acquired skills.

This completely depends on the course you propose to undertake, kindly contact us via phone or email for precise information.

You can pay via various modes like bank transfer or PAYTM or RazoPay or Using any Payment Platform please let us know your convenient mode of payment and our team will facilitate the same.

We offer both online and offline classes, this depends on your convenience.

Most of our course modules are designed after intense research (both theoritical and practical) so there is the chances of you not benefitting from our courses is next to nothing. Also, our team will have periodic reviews and will take multiple and periodic feedbacks about your understanding of the subject. However, in spite of all our efforts you feel that you have not gained any benefits MindAdda will analyze and arrange for returning your fee.

Though this is not suggestable as you will miss the intensity and the continuity of the classes, in case you miss couple of classes owing to an unavoidable emergency, our team will consider different ways to accommodate repetition of the classes. However, we suggest that classes should not be missed! You can also access the missed classes video at our website 

Anyone can attend Mind Adda classes, the only qualification is the interest to develop your communication skills or memory enhancement skills and improve your personality. Yes, you are welcome to refer your friend and we have surprise gifts or reference bonus as and when your recommended friends join our platform

Thank you !!!!

Thank You to you for exploring us. Please let us know if you have any suggestion or feedback for us.
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