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Effects of Lock-down on Rural Students and The Solutions

We all know we are fighting with a world pandemic COVID 19 and we are going good as one family. State govt and the central govt facing these conditions very well. As all we know we are in lock down stage for 50 days to protect our self from this pandemic.

But due to this there are lots of new problems are evolved, basically in rural educational system. The rural students who are going to govt schools and have their primary studies. Due to lock down their classes are impacted more as the village peoples are not acquainted with technology and platforms like Zoom. Google Meet etc. so they cannot join the online classes arranged by the teachers. This is the big problem during present days. Apart from the education we cannot ignore the nutrition problems of these students as all we know we have Mid-Day-Meal system in each school in rural Odisha regularly.

Problems and Effects of Lockdown


1. Lack of Learning:

 Due to lock down as all the institute, classes, schools are closed for 50 days, students are unable to learn their subjects. Specially if we are taking class 10th students they are the biggest sufferers. We all know the economic conditions of Rural Odisha and how people are aware about education. Govt have announced that each school will conduct online classes for these students, but every student not having the smart phones or connectivity to access the advanced platforms. So, it will be a bigger challenge for Govt as well as the teachers. And we must check whether they have any solutions for these students.

2. Lack of Nutrition:

 We all know we have Mid-Day-Meal facilities in all the Rural schools for the primary students specially for Kids in Anganbadi Kendra. Due to Lock down the kids and students miss those facilities there. Govt designed these facilities for the better nutrition for the rural students but in this current scenario I think those kids are suffering and their nutrition somehow affected.

3.  Awareness and Practices:

It is a very tough tasks to promote educational awareness and practices in rural market due to illiteracy of the parents and grandparents. Some Govt agencies and Private NGO’s like Mo Pathashala had maintained it somehow in past days. It is a big challenge for everyone to restart those things in this lockdown.

Possible Solutions of these Effects of Lockdown

  1. After lockdown Govt and Private Agencies should take necessary steps to speed up the learning processes by providing extra after school classes in which they can take help of volunteers of some organisation like Mo Pathashala, PractoMind, MindAdda etc.
  2. Govt should prepare some special SOPs for these type of scenarios for the Rural Education.
  3. Govt should provide special packages for the empowerment of Govt Schools and their platforms.
  4. School teachers must undergo through certain training programs to use online tools and their applications.

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