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Elements of Comprehension Skills

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension is the process involving the ability to understand and interpret the things which we read. The art of comprehension makes you a better learner and improves your ability to understand thoughts and emotions.
To be able to accurately understand written material, children need to be able to

  • Decode what they read.
  • Make connections between what they read and what they already know
  • Think deeply about what they have read
  • Effective comprehension skills

1. Make Connections –

Connect the topic or information to what you already know with your experience and the World around you
Ex1: This reminds me of a time when I…..
Ex2: I know about this topic because I…..

2. Ask questions –

Ask Questions to collect more information on the topic
Ex1: Wonder what this means…..
Ex2: What is going to happen next?…..

3. Visualize –

Try to make mental pictures in your mind about the information
Ex1: I can visualize it as…..
Ex2: It looks like…..

4. Determine important points

Distinguish between what is essential versus what is interesting between fact and opinion and pin point problems and solutions
Ex1: Let me take the big ideas and summarize the information…..
Ex2: All these ideas are important but some ideas are more important than the others. I need to determine which ideas are most important…..


If you have any more TIPS on how to improve comprehension skills please do share and comment.

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