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Express Yourself in Better way.

Expressing ourselves effectively is important in all areas of our lives. It is important at work with our boss and colleagues. It is important at home with our friends, partners and parents. Without expressing yourself you can’t express your emotions, thoughts etc to others.

But expressing ourselves isn’t exactly easy. Maybe we are afraid of being judged or rejected. Because it’s a skill you can sharpen it. It is a fear you can unlearned it.

Let’s learn some practices and tips to improve your expression skills:


  1. Be A beautiful mind with cheerful emotions :

When emotions run high, it is hard to articulate what you need. Mindfulness helps us to feel our emotions without responding to the negativity. If we can understand our emotions, then we can clearly see our needs and understand our wishes. It will help to express our self. It helps us become calmer and more in tune with our inner voices.

  1. Club your thoughts before your deliver

Take the time to understand the purpose of your conversation beforehand. Rewrite Your Brain for Better Relationships. Think about what you really want to say and what you want to achieve. Before expressing anything gather your thoughts in your hand to give it to the person you want to express.


  1. Forget or avoid confronting your bad past :

Sometimes, we murdered the conversation by bringing up the past. We share a laundry list of remember when you did this, remember when you did that. We try to prove a point that does not need proving. When we stray from the immediate topic or bring up historical issues, we confuse the message we are trying to convey. This leaves us feeling misunderstood or shut down. It puts a barrier in expressing yourself. It puts the other person on the defensive.


  1. Communicate with more Clarity and with Respect :

Do not criticize, name-call or belittle the other person. Do not be passive-aggressive. The best approach is to be clear, direct, and polite while expressing yourself.

For example, if you find yourself losing your cool, tell the other person that you’d like to take a break and will return to the conversation.


  1. Set Your Boundaries :

Similarly, be clear about your boundaries before you start the conversation, especially with hot-button topics. When ever you are assuming that the conversation is going to be beyond your boundaries then its better to end that conversation.


  1. Compromise :

Compromising preserves relationships that are important to us. Because the relationship is more important than any specific issue. You have to understand and empathize with the other party about their perspective on the topic rather than pushing your own point of view across.

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