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In many ways, our memories shape who we are –the stories we tell ourselves about what we are connected to, who we have touched during our lives, and who has touched us. In short, our memories are crucial to the essence of who we are as human beings. Brain function and boost memory naturally decline slight as a person ages and it represent as a loss of ourselves.

What causes some people to lose their memory while other stay sharp genes play a role but so do choices.

Proven ways to protect memory are:-

  • Following healthy diet
  • Excising regularly
  • Not smoking
  • Keeping blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar in check

Living a mentally active life is important too. Just as muscles grow  stronger with use, mental exercise also help us to keep mental skills and memory in tone.

It would have been wonderful  if we could miraculously remember just like BRAD WILLIAMS, who is known as the HUMAN GOOGLE.

Brad can recall almost any news event or personal experiences from his past with pin point accuracy. Though we cannot have memory as good as him but there are ways and means to improve overall memory performance by following certain hacks discussed below-



It boost your memory and is all about self awareness, that how one learns new things and use memories. Though it is not possible to have same kind of awareness all the time but with some practice one can improve their memory of things that are important to them. For example- if you want to remember the birthday of your dearest one and you always forget to wish them, you can create a mental health wise calendar with specific dates and events. Similarly, talk to yourself , make a note of important things you have learned or important tasks you have to complete positively and keep revisiting your to do list.


Puzzle Solving Skills. - MindAdda



Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells .It also increase the generation of new relationships . This in turn improves mental speed and boost memory.

Jigsaw puzzle are especially good for improving short term memory . As our short term memory helps us remember shapes and colors and visualize the bigger picture to figure out which pieces will put fit together .

  1. RELAXATION AND MEDITATIONMeditation & Relaxation Sklls

Besides daily exercise , regular relaxation and meditation go long way in improving memory. Meditation improves overall brain functions, minimizes risk of brain degeneration and also boosts both working memory and long term memory. According to researchers who tested a specific kind of meditation as-“ technique that reverses memory loss in people with memory problems”.


Sleep is important for our overall physical as well as mental health. Also researchers believe that sleep is required for consolidation of a memory, no matter what the memory type is. Without adequate sleep it gets harder for brain to absorb and recall new information  . Moreover, poor quality sleep among the elderly causes significant memory loss and brain deterioration.



Learning a new skill is an excellent way to strengthen your brain’s memory capacity. In addition, there are many activities to choose from , but most importantly , you will need to find something that forces you out of your comfort zone and commands your full attention.

Here are some examples :

  • Learn new instrument
  • Make pottery
  • Play mind games,like Sudoku or chess
  • Learn a new type of dance like tango
  • Learn a new language

Any time you learn a new information you are more likely to record that information if it is repeated.

In other words repetition enforces the connections we create between neurons . Research shows that simple repetition is an effective learning tool if used on its own. You will need to sit back down lter and actively retrieve the information without looking at where you wrote it down. Practicing retrieval creates more long term and meaningful learning experiences.


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