Vocabulary Skills


A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication- listening, reading and writing.




Research has shown that 98% of kids don’t understand the words they read. Improving vocabulary skill improve their understanding of novels and textbooks.


Person who develops a rich vocabulary tend to be deeper thinker, express themselves better and read more.


Successful communication or saying what you mean is dependent upon a good vocabulary base. Using right words when talking in front of people, makes you more effective communicator and creates a good impression.

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Having a good vocabulary to draw from can help you write more effectively. Person need to use a more formal tone when writing not conversational language- and to do that they need a richer vocabulary to tap into those words we don’t use when we speak.


Vocabulary makes your speech more effective and powerful. Many of us are trying a lot to remember the words that we learn but still we don’t forget to remember most of them and thus fail to use it.


So guys you do not remember the words because you are not following a right way of remember those-

Here I will discuss with you some ways to improve your vocabulary-

1. Multidisciplinary reading-

Here you need to understand your area of interest in reading and gradually diversify them to acquire more words. But if you read similar types of books you often come through familiar words and thus there is no enrichment in your vocabulary. Therefore read different genre of your interest. This will surely help you to acquire more knowledge and vocabulary at the same time.

2. Develop practical vocabulary-

Do not go for tough words which you cannot use in your daily conversation. The more you take yourself towards complexity the more you will find it difficult to remember the new words. So try to learn those words which you can practice daily by using them in your conversation.

3. The trick of association-

Whenever your brain process new information it always relates and compares the new information with current memories and emotions we have , to take out the possible interpretations . So if you want to remember the words for long time, try this natural trick to learn new skills.

Whenever you learn a new word, try to make up the association with your current memory. Moreover you can use imagination to make up a story, to remember that words. Thus it is an interesting trick to remember new words or anything you don’t want to forget

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