Important Tips for Self Awareness in Relationships

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Important Tips for Self-Awareness  in Relationships


1.Practicing Mindfulness

 Practice mindfulness, especially when interacting with your loved ones. Pay attention to the words they say,           their tone, their body language, and their facial expressions. We often communicate far more information               with the latter three than we do with our words alone. Give your loved ones your full attention.

2. Regular Discussions about relationship

Have regular discussions about the relationship. It’s important to keep things in perspective and ensure that nothing is falling between the cracks. When you have regular conversations about your relationship with your loved ones, it’s much harder to avoid or ignore things that can turn into problems. It also helps you reflect on your part and come prepared to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, along with your loved ones.

3. Spending Quality Time Together 

Spend quality time together and apart. This is especially important for romantic relationships, as we often find ourselves spending most or even all of our free time with our spouse or partner. However, much you love and enjoy spending time with your partner, everyone needs some quality time alone.

4. Having Quality “Me” Time

Make sure you and your partner are both getting some quality “me” time to think about what you want, what you need, and what your goals are. This will also help you keep yourself from merging too much into your partner and maintaining your independence and stability. Then, since there will be two independent, stable, and healthy adults in the relationship, it will be even more fulfilling and satisfying to both partners when they spend quality time together.

5. Share your Perspective and Consider theirs

. It’s easy to get too caught up in our perspective on things; however, healthy relationships require that we consider others’ needs in addition to our own. To know what our loved ones need and to deliver on those needs, we must first identify and understand them. Also we do this by practicing our self-awareness and sharing that awareness with our friends and family.

If you never check in with your loved ones on their views or feelings, it can cause you to drift apart and inhibit real, satisfying intimacy. Ask your loved ones for their perspective on things and share your perspective with them.



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