Public Speaking


What is the Public Speaking Program?

The Public Speaking Program consists of five training sessions, which provide a solid basis in the art of public speaking in the English language. Each training starts off with a brief overview of the theory behind effective public speaking before you go into challenging exercises that increase your performance as a public speaker. Every week you will focus on a different aspect of public speaking and by combining theory and practice you can improve both your understanding of Public Speaking and your skills. The key areas discussed during the PSP are body language, use of voice, structure, rhetoric, and framing while practicing speaking styles as presenting, debating and pitching.

By focusing on independent goals of participants and using the challenging atmosphere of the group, participants of all levels are able to grow in their public speaking. The trainers and other participants will provide you with personal feedback, which you can implement in your next speech. In each training you can expect multiple opportunities to speak, ensuring that you experience a steep learning curve! Next to in-class training, participants will also receive small homework assignments, such as preparing a short speech in advance.

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