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  • Experience a powerful speed reading exercise that will allow you to increase your focus, easily consume at least 25% more words per minute, and shave one to two hours a day off reading emails, memos, important documents, books, and more
  • Have you ever wondered why distractions seem to get in the way of your growth? Learn how your brain operates and processes information, so that you overcome the distractions and challenges that have been limiting your brain’s best performance.
  • An average person reads 200 – 250 words per minute. Our students average 1000 words per minute, with FULL comprehension. Once you’ve ramped up your reading speed, you’ll instantly be able to manage information in your mind so you can call on what you know faster than you can blink
  • Studies show our learning cycles are 9 months long — just like most school terms. Our speed reading techniques will allow you to cut your learning rate from 9 months to a mere 3 – 4 months, so you learn more in less time
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Boost Your Mental Focus

You can’t read faster just by pushing your speed, or by doing eye exercises, or by stopping subvocalizing. That’s because what’s sabotaging your reading speed is poor concentration and focus.

Learn Visualization

Strengthen your concentration, improve your comprehension, and become truly immersed in your reading, by giving your brain what it craves the most; visual and conceptual images.

Read Faster by Visualizing - MindAdda - SUper Memory, Speed Reading , Public Speaking

Reading Phrases

This one trick is the key to reading faster. Phrase-reading is not just reading random word-chunks, but meaningful "idea chunks." When you focus your attention on these larger ideas instead of words, the ideas seem to just leap off the page into your mind.