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The Braves only dare to come out of their grave.

It’s our bravery and undefeated instinct which pushes us to work round the clock in the search of a fine day and a moment which will be ours. Only the Braves only dare to come out of their grave. Above all, we are born with an undefined destiny which is like a numb ball of clay which we, the porter gives a shape in the journey of our life.

Let’s understand what it takes to become Brave:

1. Understand yourself

• Mindfulness
• Learn to be humble
• Feed your soul
• Love yourself
• Respect your need to sleep
• After that, get into a Routine

2. Un Tie your fear and Anxiety

• Firstly, live in the present not in your mind.
• Secondly, become an Iron fist
• Take up a hobby that makes you feel happy
• Dare to do something new
• Lastly, take out time for relaxation

3. Change your Habits

• Try Different habit routines – The habit of using a diary
• Reminders
• Learn to Forgive yourself
• Identify the causes of failures
• Write down your Goals.
• Align your priorities in life
• Having a nice friend
• Make Mistakes and learn from your mistakes

4. Set your Goals

• Empower your brain with the Gratitude experiment
• Believe the power to achieve
• Shape your thoughts and emotions
• Also, know your purpose and be the change you want to see
• Know your inner genius
• Moreover, assign Deadlines to your goals

5. Dare to Dream

• Prepare for your day
• Dream to your success
• See what success with bring to you
• Think of a life when we meet your goals
• Above all, have vision for the moment of happiness.


At MindAdda we touch every corners in your life which sets you to fly and rejoice your life. The program is a onetime opportunity to see yourself in the mirror of reality and also feel the breeze of becoming a SUPER HUMAN.

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